The Crawling Woman or Kiriko Asanuma is a ghost from Project Zero III. She can be seen pretty regularly throughout the game although you will only battle her 2-3 times.

Crawling Woman
Project Zero III
Woman on all fours.
Real Name
Kiriko Asanuma
No Weapon. Strangles.
Battle x3, Seen regularly.


Miku is the first to meet Crawling Woman face to face whilst she's searching for the four musical orbs in Hour VII. When Rei wakes up from her dream she finds and undeveloped picture in Yuu's Camera Obscura. After asking Miku to research on it she finds something in a newspaper.

A 23 woman named Kiriko Asanuma was found hiding in a closet four days after a gang of burglars broke into the family home killing her parents and brother. She was instantly admitted into hospital with post traumatic stress.

A month later she disappeared from the Hospital never to be found again. Her story matches that of Yoshino Takigawa


Crawling Woman wears a black skirt and a red top and crawls on her hands and knees. Her limbs are much longer than what they should be giving her the look of a spider.


You will definitely have 2 battles with Crawling Woman as Miku (Hour VII) since Miku is the only character that will go in enclosed spaces. She will come at you then retreat back and come at you from a different direction and she's quick so Miku's Stone Amulet is very useful here. In this small spaces she will attack by reaching out and strangling you. She will only receive damage if you capture her with your centre circle glowing red.

If you are aiming for a complete Ghost List you will also battle her in Hour IX as Rei. She is in a more open space here. Watch your feet because she'll try and grab them.

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