Cybil Bennett is a supporting character from the original Silent Hill. She will also appear in the upcoming Shattered Memories and will take one out of three different forms.

Cybil Bennett
Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
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In Silent Hill 1Edit

Cybils story in Silent Hill 1...

In Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesEdit

In Shattered Memories there will be three different versions of Cybil. The main attraction of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is that the events that the player experiences depends on their actions throughout the game. Cybil's appearence will differ depending on the player.


Sexy Cybil in Shattered Memories

Sexy CybilEdit

This Cybil resembles the original Cybil from the original game. She has cropped blonde hair and wears a sexier uniform showing a bit more skin than the other two versions of the character.


Friendly Cybil in Shattered Memories

Friendly CybilEdit

The friendly Cybil has brown mid-length hair which she wears down. Her uniform is more casual with a leather jacket and shirt and tie.


Stern Cybil in Shattered Memories

Stern CybilEdit

Stern Cybil is a lot more professional. She keeps her hair hidden under a police cap and wears a closed bomber jacket. It's likely that this Cybil will be more like Cybil from the Movie.


In the film played by Laurie Holden

In the Silent Hill MovieEdit

Cybil's story in the Silent Hill Movie...


  • In Silent Hill: Homecoming when sailing to Silent Hill with Alex and Elle, Deputy Wheeler talks about a police officer from Brahms going missing in the town of Silent Hill. This is Cybil Bennett.
  • In the opening scene of Silent Hill, Harry and his wife pick up a baby on the side of the road. If you complete the game with a Good+ ending then Cybil will appear beside Harry instead.

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