The Doublehead is a monster from Silent Hill 4. It's representative of two of Walter Sullivan's Victims.

Silent Hill 4
Twin Victims
Swipe, Head butt


Billy and Miriam Locane were twin brothers and sisters. They were both playing in the street near their home when a stranger approached them. When they didn't return home their parents went to look for them. Billy was the first to be found by his father in some bushes, he had been killed with an axe. Miriam was found by her Mother, closer to the house. She had also been killed by an axe but some of her body was missing. She was in a much worse state than her brother.


The Doublehead is so named because it has two heads of what looks like a baby. It walks on two long arms and is covered with a brown cloak.


The Doublehead has two attacks. If Henry is a distance away from them, they will launch themselves into Henry with a Head Butt. At closer range they will swipe their long arms and hit Henry with a big wallop. It takes around four bullets to bring this one down.


Whereas all of the other victims of Walter Sullivan return as spirits, the Locane's are brought back as a physical being in the form of this monster. Their appearance was created by Walter's guilty conscience over killing two innocent children. The Locane's were much older than what the Doublehead leads you to believe and this is because Walter sees them as much younger children.


  • The Doublehead used to have a high pitched screech when attacking but this was taken out of the game for an unknown reason.
  • If you hang around a Doublehead for long enough you will hear them say the word "Reciever". As part of the 21 sacraments Henry is targeted for the "Reciever of Wisdom" sacrament.

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