The Female Survivor or Yoshino Takigawa is a ghost from Project Zero III. You will be spending most of the beginning of the game finding out more about this woman but she's rare later in the game.

Female Survivor
Project Zero III: The Tormented
Real Name
Yoshino Takigawa
No Weapon. Strangles.
Fairly commmon


In her first dream of the manor of sleep Rei comes across a woman who is very distraught. She keeps mumbling something about it not being her fault that she survived. The day afterwards Rei finds a Camera Obscura in Yuu's bedroom and there's some undeveloped film in it. Amongst the film is a picture of the same woman from Rei's dream. Rei's curiosity gets the better of her and she asks Miku to find out more about her.

Miku finds out that the woman's name is Yoshino Takigawa and she was the lone survivor of a plane crash which had killed her family and fiancee. She was currently staying at the local hospital and had arranged for Rei to meet her. Whilst at the hospital Rei's shocked to notice tattoo like patterns showing on her body before Yoshino disappears from her hospital bed.

Shortly after her disappearance Miku was offered Yoshino's diary by the hospital. The diary confirmed that Yoshino had also been dreaming about the Manor of Sleep and spoke of the Tattooed Priestess who wandered around the manor.

In her next dream Rei comes across her again but this time she is surrounded by several dark figures. Yoshino mumbles that they are her family members punishing her for surviving the crash which took their lives.


Yoshino wears a long black skirt and a red/orange top and walks around barefoot. She always seems to be crouching on the floor as if cowering.


Yoshino is protected by several black figures which will try and attack you first. These are easy to get rid of with just one shot each but when you've dealt with most of them and you close enough to Yoshi she'll attempt to attack you herself.

She's quite slow but likes to disappear and then reappear behind you. When attacking she stumbles forward and will grab you with her arms and shake you.

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