James Sunderland is the main protagonist of Silent Hill 2.

James Sunderland
Silent Hill 2
Referenced in:
Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4
Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, Frank Sunderland


Before visiting Silent Hill for the events of Silent Hill 2, James was happily married to his wife Mary Sunderland until she fell ill and tragically died. Three years after she died James recieved a letter asking him to come to Silent Hill, a town the writer holds very dear. The letter was from Mary and she tells him that she's waiting for him in their "Special Place". We meet James looking at his reflection in a public restroom. Already he thinks he's going insane - "a dead person can't write a letter" he says to himself.


  • Notice the guy laying dead in the chair after you first see Pyramid Head? Does he look familiar to you?
  • In Silent Hill 4 when Henry looks at one of his photos, he talks about the Superintendant and his son that went missing. The Superintendant shares the same surname as James.
  • In Silent Hill 3 when Douglas rives Heather to Silent Hill, he talks about the last time he went there. He had gone to Silent Hill to trackdown a missing person. It's never confirmed but it is thought he had gone to find James.
  • In the XBOX 360 version of Silent Hill: Homecoming, you'll get an achievement called "Shades of James" when you defeat a Siam. Siam represents a the dominance of a man over his female counterpart.
  • If you get the UFO ending in Silent Hill 3, you will see James return with Harry Mason in an Alien spaceship

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