Kanae is a playable character in the game Forbidden Siren 2 as well as a companion to the young Shu Mikami.

Forbidden Siren 2
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29 years before the events of Forbidden Siren 2, a young Shu Mikami and his father Ryuhei are out treasure hunting at Turtle Hole. Shu notices a girl who is laying unconcious near the water. They bring her back to their home where they learn her name is Kanae.

Kanae continues to live with the Mikami's and Shu takes to her quite quickly. As he writes in his diary (Archive#80) Ryuhei notices this. He also notes how much Kanae and his late wife look alike. He doesn't know Kanae that well and fears she is no good for his son but he can't bring himself to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, news of this stranger spreads to the Ohta's, the Island's longest and therefore most powerful residents. They are not happy about this and want to get rid of her. They spread the news to villagers that Kanae is a Witch because she is afraid of the light (Archive #43).

Kanae and Shu become very good friends and she tells Shu of the 7 gates which she has been sent to open. Due to Shu's innocence, she finds it extremely easy convince Shu to do this. Kanae starts to get angry when Ryuhei tries to break the two apart. One night whilst in bed, Shu wakes up to see his father dead. This was the only way Kanae could stop Ryuhei's meddling but she's caught by Tsuneo Ohta and the villagers and is forced to run. Shu, unaware that Kanae killed his father, catches up with her and they run away together.

Just as they are about to leave the village, Tomoe Ohta stops them in their track. The pair find themselves surrounded by the villagers and Tsuneo. The floor below them crumbles and the two fall into the ocean. Shu lands in a fishing boat but Kanae isn't as lucky and dies before sinking to the oceans bottom.

Related Archive ItemsEdit

Archive: #43

Name: Tomoe's Diary
Found: Death Throes, 01:00, After cutscene
"August 1
When I took my father his eye medicine this evening, I saw him staring at the ocean with a frown on his face.

I just know he was thinking about that witch.

That creature! She may try, but she can't fool us.

She may look like one of us, but she fears the sunlight.

That witch isn't one of us."

Archive: #80

Name: Ryuhei's Notebook
Found: Wandering, 15:00, On top of fridge in the Mikami house.
July 30th
Kanae's resemblance to my wife is uncanny.
Even my son, Shu, who's never seen his mother
seems taken by her.
I know this is all wrong, but I can't bring myself to do

anything about the situation.


Yuri Kishida - Actress

Mai Takahashi who plays Kanae.

  • Kanae is portrayed by Japanese Actress Mai Takahashi[1]
  • Mai Takahashi also plays the role of Yuri Kishida and Ryuko Tagawa.
  • Mai Takahashi is also in the Japanese film 'Sairen' based on the video game series. She plays 'Lady in Red'.[2]

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