Lisa Garland is a character from the original Silent Hill game and Silent Hill Origins. It is unknown whether she will appear in Shattered Memories.

Lisa Garland
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Steve Garland (Supposedly)


In Silent HillEdit

In Silent Hill, Lisa is first seen hiding under a table in one of the rooms in the hospital, she crawls out from underneath the table, and hugs Harry. She tells Harry that everybody had disappeared and that she had been knocked out all this time. She is very kind and is a good source of information. But at one conversation with Harry Mason, she tells him he doesn't understand and ventures into the basement of the hospital. Harry then sees her in the basement ALERT room where she says: Lisa: Harry? Harry: Lisa, what's the matter with you? Lisa: I get it now, why I'm still alive even though everyone else's dead. I'm not the only one who's still walking around, I'm the same as them, I just hadn't noticed it before. Harry: Lisa? Lisa: Stay by me Harry, please? I'm so scared, help me. Save me from them, please, Harry? Harry is so frightened that he shoves Lisa and soon after that a cutscene shows Lisa bleeding from every orifice and staggers towards Harry until he runs out of the room scared and shuts the door behind him as Lisa sobs knocking on the door. Lisa is not seen again until the good or good+ ending is achieved and a cutscene shows a bloodied puppet Lisa dragging Kaufmann into a pit for revenge.

In Silent Hill OriginsEdit

Lisa Garland's story in Silent Hill Origins...


In the movie

In the Silent Hill MovieEdit

In the movie there is a nurse who has long blonde hair and wears Lisa's signature Red shoes and Cardigan. She was punished by Alessa when she sneaked a peek at her burnt body. She isn't named but we can assume it's Lisa because of her clothes


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  • In Silent Hill 4 one of Walter Sullivan's victims was a pet shop owner named Steve Garland. It isn't confirmed that they are related but it is believed that Steve is Lisa's father.
  • In Silent Hill 3 while in the Hospital Heather comes across a video of a girl. A voice can be heard talking and Heather remembers Lisa, a nurse who was so nice to her. This is the video Harry finds in Silent Hill 1.
  • Lisa reappears in Silent Hill 3 as a reincarnated Lisa called the Fukuro Lady being tortured by Vaitel for her actions in Silent Hill 1

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