Mamoru Itsuki is the main playable character in the game Forbidden Siren 2. He is also the companion to Ikuko Kifune.

Mamoru Itsuki
Forbidden Siren 2
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Mamoru Itsuki is a magazine editor and goes to Yamijima Island to find out about what happened there to cause all it's inhabitants to dissapear. He manages to find a boat and asks if it will take him there. The captain is reluctant to do so but changes his mind when Shu Mikami, the famous romance novelist arrives with the same request. Soji Abe and Akiko Kiyota also arrive just as the boat is about to leave. On the way to the island, Mamoru notices a dark shadow through one of the windows. Suddenly the boat gets caught in a storm and when Mamoru goes outside, Ikuko Kifune, the boat worker, had been thrown overboard. He tries to save her but she is dragged under the sea and the boat is capsized.

When Mamoru wakes up he finds himself on Yamijima Island, near a harbour. The others are nowhere to be seen so he decides to move onwards. Whilst invesitigating the area, he comes across a young woman laying in small building. This is Yuri Kishida but before he can find anything out about her they are interrupted by a Shibito. They both manage to escape and Yuri tells Mamoru that her Mum is in trapped in the Island and she asks for his help in saving her. Further on down the path the two come across Takeaki Misawa and Yorito Nagai and when Yuri freaks out over their flash lights, a Tsunami wipes the Island.

When Mamoru wakes from unconciousness he finds that Yuri is still with him but Misawa and Nagai have both dissapeared. Suddenly an hysteric woman in a pink kimono appears from nowhere and grabs for Yuri calling her a 'Witch'. Again, they manage to escape and find themselves at the mines where Yuri is attacked by other Shibitos. After their escape from the mines Yuri runs off after Mamoru questions her about her mother leaving him alone.

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Takumi Saito who plays Mamoru.

  • Mamoru Itsuki is portrayed by is Japanese Actor Takumi Saito[1]

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