Rei Kurosawa is the main protagonist in Project Zero III. Even though they share the first name, it has not been confirmed that she is related to Sae and Yae Kurosawa.

Rei Kurosawa
Project Zero III
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Yuu Asou (Fiancee)


Rei Kurosawa (23) is a freelance photographer who lives with her Fiancee Yuu Asou and her assistant Miku Hinasaki. Then one day, Yuu was killed in a car crash that also involved Rei who was driving at the time. After Yuu's death Rei confined herself in the house they shared only leaving to do Photography assignments.

One assignment was an old dilapidated mansion that was rumored to be haunted. Whilst taking pictures of one of the rooms she sees Yuu and when she follows him, the mansion suddenly appears as new. She follows him through two large doors which leads her to a corridor where she finds herself confronted with a Woman. Just before the woman touches her, she finds herself back at the dilapidated room with Miku. Miku had disrupted a day dream.

That night she dreams about a manor covered in snow. Here she finds the Camera Obscura and eventually comes across another Woman who seems to be stressed and nervous. After trying to talk with this woman she finds herself being approached, again by the Woman from her daydream. She has blue tattoos all over her naked torso and in her eyes, when Rei tries to run away, the tattooed woman follows her and manages to touch Rei on the shoulder causing Rei to wake up. Rei wakes up in her bed but a painful bruise shows on her shoulder.

Rei dreams of the manor each night learning more and more about it and the ghosts she encounters there. She also finds that Miku has been dreaming about the manor too, as was Kei Amakura, a friend of Yuu's whose Niece had gone missing several months before.

Eventually she defeats the Tattooed Woman, who Rei learned was called Reika Kuze and helps her find peace along with her lover, Kaname Ototsuki.

Afterwards Rei is reunited with Yuu who is amongst several spirits crossing over to the other side. Rei pleads to let her go with him but he explains that as long as Rei is alive then his spirit can live on through her memory.


  • Rei's default costume was supposed to be a shirt and skirt which was replaced by her blue blouse and black trousers. Her original costume became an extra costume.

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