Schism is a monster from Silent Hill: Homecoming. He was one of the first monsters to be announced on the run up to the games release.

Silent Hill: Homecoming
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The Schism is a flesh coloured monster with long arms and legs. His head is in the shape of a Pendulum and splits in the middle. He also has little teeth running down the centre of his head and one of his arms looks mangled and broken compared to his other human like arm.


The Schism is very quick to attack and leaves no space open for Alex to defend himself. When he does attack, he uses his razor sharp head to slice into Alex and if Alex isn't quick enough to defend himself, Schism will cut him completely in half. The Schisms are even deadlier in huge groups.


There are several theories regarding the symbolic meaning behind the Schism. He most likely represents Alex's guilt over his part in Joshua's death. The Swinging Pendulum was a medieval torture device used to force confessions out of criminals. The Schism may be trying to force Alex to come clean about Joshua's death and acts as a constant reminder of his guilt.


In the attic level of the game, there are five Schisms wandering around the house. You may noticed that four of these each represent a Shepherd family member:

  • One Schism attacks when Alex picks up a medal from a nearby mannequin. This Schism is forceful and mean, representing Adam Shepherd.
  • Another Schism is hiding in a corner. This Schism represents Joshua.
  • The third Schism is laying on the floor and won't attack you at all. This represents Lillian.
  • The final Schism is dead in Adams Hunting room. He has been beheaded with the Bogeyman's giant knife. This one represents Alex who was the chosen Shepherd to be sacrificed.

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