Soji Abe is one of the characters from Forbidden Siren 2. He is a playable character as well as the sidekick to Akiko Kiyota.

Soji Abe
Forbidden Siren 2
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Soji Abe (24) is a construction worker who lives in Tokyo with his Roommate Ryuko Tagawa, a waitress in a local restaurant.

The two didn't get on very well, constantly getting into heated arguments. One day on returning home, Soji comes across a bloody mess. Ryuko had been killed. In a panic Soji runs away and when Ryuko's boss visits and finds her dead he calls the police who make Abe their prime suspect after hearing about the couples arguments.

Remembering Ryuko's regular visits to local Psychic Akiko Kiyota, Soji goes to her for help. He needs her to help find out who had done this to Ryuko and to get Soji off the hook.

Kiyota is drawn to Yamijima Island and they manage to get hold of a boat that will take them there. There are other passengers also going to the island. Mamoru Itsuki, Shu Mikami and Dock Worker Ikuko Kifune are on board.

After the boat capsizes in a sudden storm, Soji and Akiko are stranded on Yamijima Island. However, the two of them are seperated after a Tsunami hits the Island, at least it looked like a Tsunami.

Eventually, Soji comes across Shu Mikami again who has just lost his seeing eye dog Tsukasa. After escaping from a group of Shibito at some old army trenches, they find themselves at a nearby Amusement Park. Mamoru had just helped Yuri Kishida open the seven gates and the beast known has Mother has awoken. Soji and Akiko manage to escape with each other after seeing Mother consume Shu Mikami.

Together they investigate the area near the Mikami family home using Akiko's Psychic abilities but they're seperated again shortly afterwards. Now alone Soji finds himself at the old mines and finds himself united with Tsukasa, Shu's Dog.

After Mother is defeated, Shu witnesses the collapse of the tower and reality is changed so that Mother and in turn, Ryuko never even existed. Soji is one of the three surviving characters in the game.


Eji Nakamura who plays Soji Abe


  • Soji Abe is portrayed by Japanese Actor Eiji Nakamura.[1]

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