Walter Sullivan is the antagonist from Silent Hill 4: The Room. Even though Silent Hill 4 is thought to be a weak link in the Silent Hill series, Walter Sullivan remains a popular aspect of the game.

Walter Sullivan
Silent Hill 4: The Room
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Silent Hill 2


Walter Sullivan was born in Room 302, South Ashfield Heights. His parents abanoned him and the baby was found by the superintendant, Frank Sunderland. The baby was taken to St Jeromes Hospital and was consequently adopted by Wish House which was run by the Smile Support Society who behind closed doors were actually a cult known as "The Order".

The children were raised to read holy scriptures and were brainwashed into believing everything they were taught. They weren't allowed outside the orphanage walls (unless they had been bad where they were locked up in the nearby Water Tower). Eventually Walter was told about where he came from and he was told he was found in Room 302 in a building called South Ashfield Heights in Ashfieled. Dahlia Gillespie, a senior member of the cult promised Walter he could go there IF he read the 21 Sacraments to memory. He did and he was finally granted permission to visit Ashfield.

However when he arrived no-one would answer the door and he left dissapointed. He would still visit whenever he could but no-one was ever there. He started to belive that his Mother was alseep and all he had to do was wake her up. Then he remembered that the 21 Sacraments mentions the waking of Mother (The cult's name for God) but decided that if he followed them, his Mother would wake up and they could finally be together.

Walters VictimsEdit

In order to fulfil the 21 Sacraments, Walter had to kill 21 people:
  1. Jimmy Stone (1/10 hearts)
  2. Bobby Randalph (2/10 Hearts)
  3. Sein Martin (3/10 hearts)
  4. Steve Garland (4/10 hearts)
  5. Rick Albert (5/10 hearts)
  6. George Rosten (6/10 hearts)
  7. Billy Locane (7/10 hearts)
  8. Miriam Locane (8/10 hearts)
  9. William Gregory (9/10 hearts)
  10. Eric Walsh (10/10 hearts)
  11. Walter Sullivan - Suicide (Assumption)
  12. Peter Walls (Void)
  13. Sharon Blake (Darkness)
  14. Toby Archbolt (Gloom)
  15. Joseph Schreiber (Despair)
  16. Cynthia Valesquez (Temptation)
  17. Jasper Gein (Source)
  18. Andrew DeSalvo (Watchfulness)
  19. Richard Braintree (Chaos)
  20. Eileen Galvin (Mother Reborn)
  21. Henry Townshend (Reciever of Wisdom)

Whether Eileen and Henry survive depends on the ending the player gets.

Trivia Edit

  • All the characters Henry come across have all met Walter before [1]
  • Walter Sullivan is mentioned in Silent Hill 2 in a newspaper article. The article talks about his imprisonment for killing Billy and Miriam Locane and about his suicide shortly afterwards.
  • The different worlds Henry encounters throughout the game are all based on Walters perception of them.

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